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SKW products for other applications

Molten metals are cast for their various applications, either in the steel making process itself or the manufacturing of equipment and automotive parts etc. While still in the liquid form these metals are refined and processed according to the chemical and metallurgical specification that will determine their final characteristics.

The expertise that we have developed when producing products specifically for the treatment of steel we also apply in other metallurgical processes. SKW therefore offers products for the treatment of these liquid metals such as liquid cast iron in the foundry industry or liquid ferro and non-ferrous alloys such as ferro-nickel, ferro-manganese and/or copper.

Products for Cast Iron Foundries

Modern automotive and machinery industries require cast iron and steel components with mechanical properties that meet the highly demanding applications. These are made in foundries by melting iron or steel into a liquid which is then molded or cast and solidify in the desired shape once it has cooled. During the liquid phase the metal's characteristics can be enhanced and improved by treating it with granulated or wired materials from SKW.

Due to its many advantages, iron foundries increasingly apply magnesium cored wire is to produce ductile iron (through the transformation of flake graphite into spheroidal graphite). 
Cored Wire allows for accurate application, which makes it especially suitable for the production of compacted graphite cast iron. With the addition of inoculant wire, SKW products provide a fully automatized treatment solution for ductile and grey iron.

SKW products are used in desulfurizing cast iron in the so-called cupola furnaces melting processes. Here granular products made of calcium oxide, calcium carbide, calcium fluoride and others are applied. Mini tubes filled with desulfurizing reagents are added to very small ladles used for individual component casts.

Nodulizer Cored Wires

Nodulizer Cored Wires are based on magnesium content, the objective is to add magnesium in the liquid iron to modify and control the spheroidal shape of graphite during the solidification to produce Ductile Iron.

Inoculant Cored Wires

Inoculant Cored Wires are used to control the structure and properties of cast iron, Lamellar or Ductile Iron, by minimizing undercooling and increasing the number of nucleation sites during solidification.

Desulfurizer Cored Wires

Desulfurizer Cored Wires combines calcium with selected ingredients that desulfurize foundry iron while yielding no unreacted calcium carbide in the discharged slag. It can benefit foundries facing environmental constraints on waste disposal

Products for Other Foundries

Copper Cored Wires

Developed for steelmaking and cast iron foundry, cored wires are used in copper / brass melts for the addition of chemical elements as Mg, Cr, Fe, Ca, CuZr. Suitable for continuous or batch processes.