SKW – The world leader in liquid metal treatment

As the leader in development, production and sale of additives (chemicals), alloys, equipment and services for some of the most crucial processes in liquid metal treatment, SKW delivers something even more important to its customers – reliability.

Our solutions for desulfurization and dephosphorization of liquid iron during the primary metallurgy and inclusion treatment, alloying, cleaning and protecting of liquid steel in the secondary refining right up to until casting, enable our customers to manufacture the right product at the right cost. SKW operates in all of these segments of the liquid metal processing, with brands that provide our customers with technologies and solutions to meet all their individual needs.

SKW and its leading international brands, Affival, ESM and Tecnosulfur provide specialist centers for equipment engineering and manufacturing. Products and services of our business units are globally available through production plants and trade centers throughout the main steel producing regions guaranteeing the best quality – at the best price possible – to all our customers, throughout the world.

Due to our stringent demand for quality products and ongoing search for new, improved processes the SKW Group is recognized as the global market leader in liquid metal treatment.


SKW is always on the lookout for people who share our passion for iron and steel.