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SKW – Asia (incl. China and Australasia)

Within only one decade the steel industry in China has developed into the world’s biggest. Presently, with about 800 million tons per year, China accounts for over 50% of world steel production. This massive growth has been driven by the rapid modernization of the Chinese economy, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries. In the meantime, China has become a massive steel exporter competing on a global scale with best quality steel products.

China has only followed the example set some decades ago by first the Japanese and then the South Korean steel industry. Developed initially to satisfy their domestic demands starting from construction to ship, automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing, today both regions are significant steel exporters with highest quality steel products. Japan maintaining an annual steel production well above 100 million tons and South Korea of about 70 million tons have also proven to be highly competitive and innovative while having China at its doorstep.

In a nutshell, the steelmaking industry in Asia grew at an extremely fast pace and customers expect cost-competitive products and innovative solutions combined with a localized service.

Besides the heavyweights, there are several other ambitious steel producing regions in Asia such as Taiwan, Thailand and Australia for example.

Australia has one of the most dynamic and innovative steel sectors in the world. Its steel industry employs around 90,000+ people and has an annual turnover of $30 billion. The integrated Australian steel channel typically holds in excess of two million tons of inventory available through distributors located on over 300 sites across the country. The steel industry has embraced technology with Building Information Modelling (BIM) a way of life for most major projects feeding into the latest computer numerical controlled fabrication equipment.

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